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development process

May 04-2005:

Share a passion, 03 young architects - who placed the first stone for the selected brand PHAN NGUYEN architectural field to start startups, established Ltd Building Design Consultancy Nguyen Phan - the forerunner of today's PHAN NGUYEN, official presence in the village architecture with its head office in Ho Chi Minh City Mekong 25, Ward 15, District 10

2005 - 2007:

Quickly assert themselves through work own architectural style, starting from the construction of housing and thrive in the field of architecture with buildings, villas, office buildings in the city ... .HCM

Not stopping there, PHAN NGUYEN has gathered a strong team of professional management, experienced and recruit skilled craftsmen team to develop the company activities into the field of construction, combined perfectly with its architectural strength to bring the customer the standard works from design to construction completion.

2007 - 2009:

Viewed as a transition phase between business models with mitosis early today. PHAN NGUYEN Group names are officially used, initially formed the brand in order to maximize the forte of each unit as well as a convenience for our Customers.

- Design & Construction PHAN NGUYEN: 25 Mekong, Ward 15, District 10 
- NGUYEN PHAN Stone Garden: 198 Hoa Hung, Ward 13, District 10 
- The Good PHAN NGUYEN: 81 Lac Long Quan, Ward 3, Q.11

Comprising nearly 30 Architects and Engineers professional firm, organized the construction teams with more than 200 skilled workers, PHAN NGUYEN assert his power through a series of civil works, buildings beside there are works in the hotel, office design - construction standards and received a lot of positive feedback from our Customers. After only four years in operation, PHAN NGUYEN has grown to be one of the leading companies in the field of architecture - civil construction in HCMC

2009 - 2011:

PHAN NGUYEN Group is proud to have built a new benchmark in the construction market in HCM City, confirmed the professionalism of the design - construction through each service and product. With sustainable development orientation and become the leading brand of architecture - civil construction, PHAN NGUYEN Group has taken steps necessary to restructure its business operations.

In late 2009, the Group established PHAN NGUYEN Co. Construction Service Trading HOME FORM. Is destined to become a brand that specializes in housing, inheritance HOME FORM and promote the achievements of more than 5 years of professional activity, organizing professional business right from the early days of formation, operation according to the standard that the PHAN NGUYEN Group has established to ensure providing the best service for its Customers.

In 2010, the company DESIGN CONSTRUCTION LTD TV PHAN NGUYEN officially converted to the form of shares, brand PHAN NGUYEN become the engine for the business activities of the Group with the mission PHAN NGUYEN build sustainable value , operational standards architecture - built to the brand that inherit and develop. This is an important milestone for the strategic change in the development process become the brand leader in architecture - civil construction of PHAN NGUYEN Group later.

2011 to present:

In the context of economic difficulties posed many challenges for the units operating in the real estate sector in general and the construction sector in particular. Thanks to the right step, mitosis Group became one of the typical units continued to achieve growth in the field of architecture - civil construction in this phase: the field of architecture are expanding across the province cities across the country, the construction of PHAN NGUYEN Group is present throughout the Districts in HCMC.

Between 2012, the Group established PHAN NGUYEN Co. KT-XD-NT SUSPECTED CAT, CAT brand Interior SUSPECTED officially put into operation with the mission to specialize in the field of design, interior decoration, construction finishing works, contribute to the improvement of business processes from design closed - construction - improved in order to bring the highest benefit to our Customers.

Gradually specialization and continuous improvement of service quality is the key to successful mitosis Group. Putting criteria "PHAN NGUYEN - Sustainability Same Iron Stone" as a guideline for its activities, the commitment of the PHAN NGUYEN:

• A sustainable building, aesthetics and harmony with the environment, with customers. 
• A stable growing company, always improving the value of technology and especially humans, creating a companies rich culture, deep community spirit.
To do that, PHAN NGUYEN Group has held management standard ISO 9001: 2008 for all departments as well as all system brands to ensure quality output scientists managed closely and meet the norms established by the company as well as the commitments made. May 10-2012, Nguyen Phan officially been certified ISO 9001: 2008 in the field of construction design. 

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